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Free-Fall lifeboat Multimedia training software

“Free-Fall lifeboat” Multimedia training software (MTS) is used for theoretical and practical training of seafarers designated to take charge of survival craft and rescue boats in conformity with Table A-VI/2-1 of STCW Code as well as for crew members in accordance with Table A-VI/1-1 “Specification of minimum standard of competence in personal survival techniques” of STCW Code.

Free-Fall lifeboat MTS

MTS is a 3D “mini” simulator imitating survival craft, its equipment elements. “Mini” simulator allows studying the main principles of survival craft use as well as drilling practical skills on its exploitation.

MTS Software is intended for installation in a networked computer classroom. With the help of specialized software one can launch and close MTS Student WorkPlaces from the Instructor WorkPlace.

When demonstration equipment is installed MTS can be used as multimedia posters.

MTS may be used to provide on ships the introductory programmes aimed at assisting newly employed seafarers to familiarize themselves with all procedures and equipment.

Free-Fall lifeboat” MTS includes the 3D model of the lifeboat and launching appliances and allows studying:

  • construction and equipment;
  • launch procedures;
  • start and stop of engine and its equipment;
  • use of pyrotechnics equipment.

Use of MTS allows reducing the risk of getting injured during lifeboat launch procedures, and also provide training regardless to weather conditions.

Multimedia training software is developed in the English and Russian languages.